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Yves Rocher SA

Summary of facts

In 2018, workers at Kosan Kozmetik (Turkish subsidiary of Yves Rocher) protested against their working conditions, wages and discrimination against women in the factory, and joined the Turkish union Petrol-Iş. Following this, more than 130 employees were dismissed. In 2020, 34 former employees of Kosan Kozmetik (Turkish subsidiary of Yves Rocher), alongside the French associations Sherpa and ActionAid France and the Turkish union Petrol-Iş formally sent a formal notice to Yves Rocher Group, which then published a vigilance plan. In March 2022, 34 former employees of Kosan Kozmetik , alongside Sherpa, ActionAid and Petrol-Iş, brought a lawsuit against the company. In 2023, 47 additional workers joined the case.


2022 Paris Civil Court

Applicable Law
French Duty of Vigilance law
Legal issues
  • After having been noticed, the company published a vigilance plan in July 2020.
    It was then summoned at Paris Civil Court in March 2022
  • The Company raises inadmissibility objections regarding the requests for damage lodged by some of the claimants.
Ruling / Outcome

The case is ongoing

Court case

Former Kosan Kozmetic Employees and others v Yves Rocher

Filed: March 1, 2023
Status: Ongoing