Case - United States - GLJ-ILRF v. Bumble Bee Foods LLC

GLJ-ILRF v. Bumble Bee Foods LLC

Summary of facts

GLJ-ILRF, an American labor rights group, brought this consumer protection case against Bumble Bee Foods relating to their claims that their tuna was sourced from a “fair and safe supply chain.” Bumble Bee is one of the largest canned Tuna producers in the U.S. Bumble Bee and its main supplier and parent company FCF have been suspected of having forced labor and significant labor abuses in their supply chains. GLJ-ILRF alleges that Bumble Bee Foods’ claim of a “fair and safe supply chain” is misleading consumers and does not truthfully represent the significant labor risks present in their supply chain.

On March 7, 2023, Bumble Bee Foods and GLJ-ILRF reached an out of court settlement in which Bumble Bee agreed to remove claims about labor and fishing practices in their seafood supply chains.


2022 Complaint filed

Applicable Law
District of Columbia Consumer Protection Procedures Act
Issue(s) prior to law

Bumble Bee Foods falsely advertises its "fair and safe supply chain[s]," to District of Columbia consumers despite significant allegations of forced labor and labor rights abuses taking place throughout their seafood supply chain.

Ruling / Outcome

Out of court settlement in which Bumble Bee Foods agrees to remove claims about the fairness and safety of their seafood supply chain from any marketing.

Court case

Global Labor Justice-International Labor Rights Forum v. Bumble Bee Foods LLC

United States
March 7, 2023
Status: Out-of-court settlement